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Captain Neil Low, Seattle Police Department, “is currently the Commander of Advanced Training. Other areas he has commanded include: Homicide and Violent Crimes, Internal Affairs, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and the agency’s first commander of its Ethics and Professional Responsibility Section. He is a Vietnam veteran and a cum laude graduate of the University of Washington’s Bothell campus, where he also wrote for the school’s weekly newspaper, The UW Bothell Commons. A Seattle native, he now lives in Everett with his wife and three daughters. Captain Neil Low is the author of Thick as Thieves, Sign of the Dragon and Unreasonable Persuasion.

According to the book description of Thick as Thieves, “Seattle in the 1940s: from its sprawling ports to its exotic bordellos in Chinatown, it is a rain-drenched harbor of greed, sex, and corruption-and now a mysterious murder. Alan Stewart loses his private investigator father at the hands of corrupt police officials. As he sets out to seek answers and to avenge his father's death, Alan uncovers clues that lead all the way to the "Crime of the Century"-The Lindbergh Kidnapping!”

One reader of Thick as Thieves said, “This novel has so many great strengths. First and foremost, the author delivers a solid story, simply written; a highly readable book. I was engaged from the beginning to the end. It's a period piece, set in 1940's Seattle, well delivered in the Noire style, which to me means that while there are clear protagonists and antagonists-solid characters I'll add-there are no good guys in terms of many of their actions. The author's frequent references to Seattle landmarks, neighborhoods, and streets resonated with me, being a 25 year resident in and around the city. Those unfamiliar w/ Seattle will develop a mental picture which may not match the actual locale, but will well convey the action none-the-less. The incorporation of the Lindbergh kidnapping was well done and added much interest for me. The reader is best to spend a few moments on the Internet familiarizing themselves with that to fully appreciate this element. The book is soundly researched in terms of historical events effectively woven in (The crime of the century, pre-WWII Europe and Asia, 1940's era Seattle). Simply put, this is a great Noire style Mystery set in 1940's Seattle.

According to the book description of Sign of the Dragon, “1940 - The eve of WWII. Imperial Japan threatens to conquer Asia and the entire Pacific Theater. Supplies and support are flowing into the region. Vital to this effort is the city of Seattle. But now, its crucial role in the supply chain is beginning to attract the interest of some shadowy and exotic international forces... Following a tip from his mentor Vic Morrison, young Alan Stewart uses his detective skills to track down Tiger Lee, a sexy American operative on a mission to disrupt the Japanese spy network. Working together, the two set out to eliminate the head of their Japanese rivals: a dangerous samurai whose movements are shrouded in mystery. What begins as a hunt for justice quickly turns into a maelstrom of revenge—and a race against the clock as politics becomes personal and loyalties are tested from every side. Returning to the scene of his first novel, Thick as Thieves, author Neil Low, proves once again that in the shadowy underbelly of a city nothing is as it first appears, and what you don’t know just might hurt you after all.”

One reader of Sign of the Dragon said, “I read and absolutely loved Neil Low's first book "Thick As Thieves." I couldn't wait for his new book "Sign of the Dragon" and it was worth every single minute of the wait. His character Alan Stewart returns in Sign of the Dragon. It isn't necessary to read Thick as Thieves first but hey, you are going to miss one great book. Sign of the Dragons literally grabbed me from the first page. I started it while waiting in my doctor's office and for once, glad they were running behind schedule. This book has two women spies who are both strong and sexy. They reminded me of Black Widow spiders..once they get their men in their "web" they are hers. This book has lots of twists and turns - which I love. I have lived in Seattle my whole life and there were so many things I didn't know about Seattle until I read these two books. Neil Low obviously did a lot of research. I love the references to the Seattle area in his books. The book cover illustration is absolutely awesome. In fact, I was sitting in a cafe in Ballard, and had the book with me. People were attracted to the cover, asked to look at it, read the back, asked me about it and said they were going to buy it. I told them, of course, about Thick As Thieves.”

Thick As Thieves
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Sign of the Dragon
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Unreasonable Persuasion
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According to the book description of Unreasonable Persuasion, “In the dark misty streets of Seattle, there are no vacations from crime. Just one week after young PI Alan Steward tangles with the White Dragon, he finds himself once again paired with the beautiful and dangerous Vera Deward and embroiled in a mystery that’s shaking the entire city. This time, a well known and aging heiress has disappeared.  Has she simply departed early for a glamorous honeymoon, as her much younger and newly acquired husband insists or has there been foul play?  Alan and Vera race against the clock, through the murky Seattle cityscape looking for clues to the heiress’s whereabouts. Clues that lead to shady hotels, underground catacombs in Chinatown, and to heart-pounding confrontations on fast-moving locomotives. Can Alan unwind the mystery and recover the heiress or will this mystery elude him?

One reader of Unreasonable Persuasion said, “another wonderful Neil Low book. His two previous books - Thick as Thieves, Sign of the Dragon were superb. If you haven't read them, I highly recommend you do along with Unreasonable Persuasion. Once you start reading one, you don't want to put the book down.  In this book - bam - right in the beginning a murder. And then he goes to another story plot and you wonder how is that murder connected to all this? Neil Low describes Seattle like no one else, and I love the references. I learn something about Seattle in every book. His characters Alan Stewart and Vera, among others, are back dealing with the disappearance of a socialite. The ending is a TOTAL SURPRISE. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out who-did-what but this one blew me away. I was Oh..My..God! Are you kidding? (I literally said that out loud!)  So run - don't walk - and order this book. You will not be disappointed. My only disappointment with this book - I didn't want it to end.”

About the Seattle Police Department

According to the Seattle Police Department, “The Department was established in 1886 and has evolved into one of the most well respected police agencies in the nation. In 2003, we became one of only a handful of agencies our size to be nationally accredited. The department employs approximately 1,200 sworn law enforcement officers and 700 civilian employees, all of whom continually provide quality service to Seattle's residents and visitors. Seattle remains one of the safest cities in the country.”

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