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Renaissance Cop
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Cops, Crooks and Politicians
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Class of Twenty-Eight
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About the Port of Seattle Police Department

Port of Seattle Police officers provide the primary law enforcement response within the geographical boundaries of the Port of Seattle, including Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and a portion of the surrounding residential and commercial properties. Port Police also patrol major portions of the Seattle waterfront and Elliott Bay.


Created in 1972, the Department includes 108 sworn police officers and 31 civilian support staff members. The Department has its own 911 center that dispatches for the Port Police and Fire Departments as well as Burlington Northern Santa Fe Police Department.


The Police Department's special units include: Bike Team; Boat and Dive Teams; Bomb Disposal Unit; Crisis Negotiations Team; Criminal Investigations Unit; K-9; and, Special Response Team. The Criminal Investigations Unit provides the investigative support for crimes committed within the jurisdiction of the Port of Seattle. This support, or follow-up investigation, is initiated when the patrol officer is unable to complete the case and/or when special investigative skills are needed.


There are nine detectives and an evidence technician assigned to this unit. Their duties include: Follow-up investigations; Writing and serving search warrants; Interviewing victims and witnesses; Locating, identifying and preserving physical evidence; Recovering stolen property; Identifying, locating, interviewing and arresting suspects; Preparing and filing cases with the prosecutors; Cooperating in prosecution of the defendants.


Created in the mid 1970s, the Boat Team is a six-member team works closely with the Boat Team in and around Elliot Bay, Shilshole Marina, Fisherman's Terminal and the Duwamish Waterway.  Their duties include: Underwater search and recovery of missing persons; Recovery and preservation of evidence related to waterborne crimes; Hull searches and pier sweeps as part of dignitary protection, special events such as Seafair and July 4th, and drug smuggling investigations; and, Locating and marking obstructions to vessels in waterways.




Neil Moloney’s law enforcement career has included Chief of the Washington State Patrol, Director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and Chief of Police of the Port of Seattle Police Department.  Neil Moloney is the author of Renaissance Cop; Class of Twenty-Eight; and, Cops, Crooks and Politicians. 


According to the book description of Renaissance Cop, it is “a story of political corruption and violence that Scott Allan Jackson and his city police colleagues encounter on the streets of a major city in the United States. While assigned to a beat in China Town, Jackson and Officer Pete Petersen are both shot. Officer Petersen dies from his wounds. Investigators identify the suspects as a group of renegade law enforcement officers. While assigned to the mayor’s security detail, Jackson is again injured in what the press describes as an attempt to assassinate the mayor. The officer kills the assailants. A newly elected reform mayor selects Jackson and his colleagues to root out the corruption that has existed in their hometown for more than a century. When the investigation is complete, a grand jury indicts the former mayor, the chief of police and the district attorney. However, three police officers die violent deaths before the case comes to trial.”

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