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David Duchesneau

About the New Hampshire State Police
According to the New Hampshire State Police, "On July 9, 1869, Governor Stearns was presented with a hand written piece of legislation that would eventually lead to the formation of the New Hampshire State Police. The legislation, entitled "An Act to Create a State Police in Certain Cases," outlined just what would constitute the proposed State Police. During this historical period, the various local law enforcement authorities chose not to promote compliance with the liquor laws. Therefore, one of the primary functions of the proposed legislation was the enforcement of these "anti-drinking" laws by the State Police.


During the first year of 1937, the New Hampshire State Police established its headquarters in the State House. At that time, the initial ranks were comprised of individuals who had been members of the uniformed branch of the New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Department and criminal investigators then employed through the State Attorney Generals office. The first Superintendent of the Department of State Police was George Colbath, the Sheriff of Coos County. During 1937 the complement of troopers reached an authorized forty-eight men.  In 1962, the New Hampshire State Police became a division of the newly developed New Hampshire Department of Safety."

Books authored by law enforcement officials of the New Hampshire State Police.

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