Police History: Roman Vigiles were commanded by a praefectus vigilum assisted by a subpraefectus.

A Concise History of American Policing
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Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
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Newport Beach Police Department (California)

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Jon Lewis

About the Newport Beach Police Department
The Newport Beach Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency that is organized into: Chief of Police Division; Patrol and Traffic Division; Support Services Division; and, Detective Division.

According to the Newport Beach Police Department, “On September 3, 1906, the City of Newport Beach was officially incorporated. The first City Hall was located East of the Newport Pier on the Oceanfront. The Police Department used several offices in the City Hall building until they moved to their own building on Court Avenue. During these early years, various Marshals headed the Police Department.”

Selected book by a Newport Beach Police Department law enforcement official:

Criminalistics for Crime Scene Investigators (Criminal Investigations Series, Volume 1)
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