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Color of the Prism
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The Third Dawn
Thomas J. Nichols  More Info

About the Lubbock Police Department 

The Lubbock Police Department is organized into four divisions: Administration; Patrol; and, investigations.


Patrol Division of the Lubbock Police Department maintains social order through enforcement of laws, timely response to calls for service, preliminary investigation of criminal offenses, apprehension of offenders, enforcement of traffic and parking laws, furtherance of crime prevention efforts through interaction with citizens, and a deterrent presence.  Staffed with 230 officers, Patrol is the largest division in the Lubbock Police Department. It includes Accident Investigation, Bicycle, K-9, Motorcycle, Mounted, Parking Control and Public Service Officer units in addition to four Patrol shifts.


The Administration Division of the Lubbock Police Department includes Administration, Training, Records, and Communications. The Communications Center is under the direction of the Communications Center Manager, who reports directly to the Assistant Chief of Police, Administration.  There is an Assistant Communications Center Manager and three Shift Supervisors.  The Department has one Administrative Assistant.  The Center is authorized at 36 Dispatchers.  Entry level is a Public Safety Dispatcher I (PSDI).  Once the PSDI level of training, experience, and performance meets criteria, the dispatcher advances to Public Safety Dispatcher II (PSDII) and assumes additional duties as Lead Dispatcher and Communications Training Officer (CTO).


The Investigations Division includes Person Crimes, Property Crimes, Juvenile, Identification, and Special Operations. Investigations serves and protects the health, safety, welfare and morals of the public by conducting criminal investigations and enforcing laws governing public health, order, and decency.



Lubbock PD

Thomas J. Nichols is the retired chief of police of the Lubbock Police Department. Thomas J. Nichols is the author of Color of the Prism and The Third Dawn.


According to one reader of the Color of the Prism, “This book opened my eyes as to what some cops have to undergo to make our cities safe. It is not fair that we call on them to do so much, and when things go wrong, we hang them out to dry. These people are true unsung heroes to every man, woman and child in the United States.”


According to the book description of The Third Dawn, it “takes readers on a biblical journey in the company of Jesus of Nazareth. Told through the eyes of the Savior's lifelong companion, Nur, the novel begins shortly before the birth of the Messiah and follows the life of Jesus until His death and glorious Resurrection. This never before told story concludes with a breathtaking narrative of the death of Mary, the mother of the Son of God. Thomas J. Nichols Prepare yourself for a wondrous and spiritual journey through The Third Dawn. Take this rare opportunity to see the Son of God living the joys and hardship of childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. See him come into the realization of His being and His destiny. Humbly watch the moment when he becomes the Savior, the Jesus of Nazareth who began His mission at the wedding at Cana.”

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