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Noblesville Police Department

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Visit the Noblesville Police Department (Indiana) website.

Steven L. Argiriou

About the Noblesville Police Department

The Noblesville Police Department is organized into three large units:  The Patrol Division; The Investigations Division; and, the Support Division.


The Patrol Division of the Noblesville Police Department is divided into three shifts that provide 24-hour coverage for the City of Noblesville. The Noblesville Police Department currently divides the city into six different areas or patrol beats. Each shift is required to have at least one officer in each area in order to enhance our respones time. Each shift is commanded by a Lieutenant and 2 Sergeants. There are also three K9 teams assigned to the Patrol Division which greatly enhances our ability to detect illegal drugs, locate and apprehend criminals and to detect explosive devices. Additionally, there are also officers who are assigned to the Patrol Division that specialize in certain areas such as drug recognition experts, accident reconstructionists, D.A.R.E., evidence technicians, child safety seat restraint inspectors, and Field Training Officers to name just a few. The Patrol Division is also supported by two Community Service Officers who assist with stranded motorists, enforcement of animal and parking ordinances and a number of other functions and are a tremendous asset to the division's success.    


The Criminal Investigations Division of the Noblesville Police Department is responsible for investigating such crimes as fraud, child abuse, homicide, internet crimes, robberies, thefts, prescription drug fraud, etc.  The department consists of a captain, three lieutenants, two sergeants, and nine detectives.  All reports are initially taken by the Patrol Division and then referred to the Criminal Investigations Division when necessary.

The Criminal Investigations Division is also responsible for all property and evidence collected by the Noblesville Police Department.



Selected book by a Noblesville Police Department police officer.

Concealed Handgun Carry
Steven L. Argiriou  More Info

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