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Nutley Police Department (New Jeresy)

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Steven L. Rogers

About the Nutley Police Department 

In addition to their traditional law enforcement duties, police officers of the Nutley Police Department organize and lead a number of unique programs such as:  Junior Police Academy which is “Coordinated program for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who learn the principals of law enforcement.”  The U.S.S. Sea Scout Program which “Military influenced program for junior high/high students that exposes them to all aspects of military life.  The Safety Committee which was “created in response to community concerns regarding resident safety measures.”  The Drug Summit Initiative which is a ”joint effort between the Department of Public Safety and the Board of Education to address and identify drug issues present in the High and Junior High schools.”  The Gang Awareness Committee where “members of the Department of Public Safety and the Board of Education convene to discuss preventative efforts to curtail gang infiltration in the township. And, the School Resource Officer where “Juvenile officers patrol the interiors and exteriors of the High and Junior High schools. This surveillance helps to control adverse juvenile behavior.”

Selected book from a Nutley Police Department police officer.

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