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The Blue Warrior: Above the Line of Duty
Otto Jerry Moravek  More Info

About the Newark Police Department

The Newark Police Department has two primary divisions and several important bureaus.  The Patrol Division and the Detective Division are the largest organizational entities within the Newark Police Department.  The Patrol Division, the largest, is organized into four police district commands and a Tactical Patrol Bureau.


The Detective Division of the Newark Police Department is organized into four components: Major Crimes Bureau; General Investigations; Narcotics; and the Property and Evidence Bureau.  The Bureaus of the Newark Police Department include: Records and Communications Bureau; Special Operations Bureau, Youth and Community Services Bureau; and, the Internal Affairs Bureau.

O.J. Moravek joined the Newark Police Department 1970 after emerging from the Vietnam era with an honorable discharge at the rank of corporal.  As of 1995, he worked at the Newark Police Department Headquarters reviewing and assigning the detective work and assisting victims of crime.  About his book, he stated, "I have been fortunate in having a cat's nine lives.  Still, in facing down those situations, I now feel I have something to offer in the way of real life experience to my fellow officers, and the public in general."  He donated a portion of the royalties from his book to the Newark Police Department for the continued development of better protective clothing and material for police officers.

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