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Oakland Police Department (California)

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Oakland Police Department law enforcement officials who have written books:

Kent Anderson

Michael A. Crane

Wayne Ford

Terence Green

James E. Guffey

Jack R. Lundquist

Dexter H. Mast

Larry Murphy

Robert Searle

About the Oakland Police Department

The Oakland Police Department was founded in 1953.  It is organized into four bureaus under the command of the Office of the Chief of Police: Bureau of Investigations; Bureau of Services; Bureau of Field Operations; and, Bureau of Administration.

Oakland Police Department (CA) (Images of America)
Phil McArdle  More Info

A Complete History of the Oakland Police Department

Phil McArdle was the Oakland Police Department’s technical writer for 20 years and previously wrote a history of the police department that was published internally. He was the principal editor of Exactly Opposite the Golden Gate, a history of Berkeley, and his writing as appeared in the Baltimore Sun, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Berkeley Daily Planet, and numerous other publications. McArdle and his wife, Karen, collaborated on Fatal Fascination, a study of police work in the East Bay and elsewhere. The vintage photographs in this extraordinary compendium were culled primarily from the Oakland Police Department, the Oakland History Room of the Oakland Public Library, and the author’s personal collection.


According to the book description of Phil McArdle’s book, “The California legislature granted a charter to the new community of Oakland in 1862, and a year later, the town council appointed three peace officers. When it was a dusty Western town, Oakland’s major business was raising cattle to feed San Franciscans and the gold miners north of Sacramento. Year by year, as Oakland grew in size and population, the police department grew with it. The Oakland Police Department pioneered the use of call boxes, police cars, and other technical innovations. It has served the city well through good times and bad, wars, fires, and earthquakes. A large, diverse organization serving a complex multicultural city, the Oakland Police Department today accepts the challenges of policing in the 21st century.”

Selected books by an Oakland Police Department police officer.

Blackjack and Jive-Five
Larry Murphy  More Info

Old School
Terence Green  More Info

Night Dogs
Kent Anderson  More Info

Soldier of the City: A True Police Journey of Humor, Tragedy and Courage
Wayne D. Ford  More Info

The Attorney's Guide to Stress Management
Wayne D., Ph.D. Ford  More Info

Nursing Home Leadership
Wayne D., Ph.D. Ford  More Info

Report Writing Fundamentals for Police and Correctional Officers
James E. Guffey  More Info

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