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Ogden Police Department (Utah)

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Michael R. King

About the Ogden Police Department

According to the Chief of Police of The Ogden Police Department, it “is a department rich with history, tradition and service to our community of approximately 80,000 people. We are the county seat of a larger community known as Weber County, Utah, that numbers close to 200,000 people. The Ogden Police Department has been providing law enforcement services to this community since 1855.

Although we still provide basic services much the same way as we always have, the changes in the development of technology over the years has increased our departments capability to provide the most up to date and professional work by the most dedicated employees any organization would be proud to employ. Technology, like the computer you are using to view this message, has dramatically increased our ability to provide you, our customers, with the information you desire.

The Ogden Police Department is a Community Policing based department of 130 sworn police officers supported by a civilian work force of 80 non-sworn and volunteer professionals. The community of Ogden covers approximately 27 square.”

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