Sir Robert Peel established the Peace Preservation Force which became the Royal Irish Constabulary.

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Orlando Police Department (Florida)

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Derwin J. Bradley

About the Orlando Police Department 

The Orlando Police Department is a full-service law enforcement organization that provides basic patrol services with over 700 sworn police officers operating in their Patrol Service Bureau.  They have a number of specialized units such as: The Police Motorcycle Unit; The Marine Patrol Unit; and, the Airport Division.


According to the Orlando Police Department, “The Orlando Police Motorcycle Unit was established in 1921 for traffic enforcement and accident investigations. The unit currently has 35 Harley Davidson FLHP-I motorcycles. As part of the department's Community Oriented Policing orientation, the primary enforcement emphasis is on neighborhood traffic complaints. Officers assigned to the unit are also responsible for traffic control at the more than 400 special events occurring in the city each year.

The Orlando Police Marine Patrol Unit was established as a part time unit in 1993 to patrol the freshwater lakes in the city. The unit is staffed by cross-trained officers from other units within the department. One 18 foot center console boat and one personal watercraft (jet ski) are currently used for patrol vessels. The majority of patrol time is during the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The primary enforcement emphasis is on equipment violations and unsafe boat operations.

The Orlando Police Department Airport Division consists of 72 sworn personnel and two office staff personnel. Orlando Police Officers assigned to the Airport Division perform multifaceted tasks while assisting the traveling public. Our officers work in harmony with Airport Operations personnel, the Transportation Security Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation.

Selected book by a Orlando Police Department Police Officer.

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Patrol Officers at the Airport work twelve-hour shifts. The squads have police bike officers as well as cross-trained motorcycle officers. Additionally, the Airport Division officers receive training regarding rapid response to airport related emergencies such as downed aircraft and hostage situations.

The Airport Division is a self-contained police department. In addition to the units mentioned, it also has its own investigative unit, training and intelligence unit and a crime prevention program. The crime prevention program, AIRPORT WATCH, is geared to the unique needs of the Airport.”

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