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Oswego Police Department (New York)

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Peter S. Griffin

About the Oswego Police Department

The Oswego Police Department is staffed by 44 full-time officers that serve the citizens of Oswego on a 24-hour basis. In addition to standard emergency vehicle patrols, the Oswego Police Department maintains footbeat patrols, bicycle patrols, and watercraft patrols to "protect and serve" the community.  In November 2007, the Oswego Police Department used grant money to purchase a optical license plate reader.


According to an article in the Lake Courant News, “The City of Oswego Police Department has been concerned with the number of officers it has been losing. The department has not only been losing officers to retirement but also to the lack of desire of officers to conform to the residency requirement.”

Selected book by an Oswego Police Department police officer.

When You Hear The Bugle Call: Battling PTSD and the Unraveling of the American Conscience
Peter S. Griffin  More Info

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