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Tales From The Bat Cave
Ovid J. McLaughlin  More Info

About the Toledo Police Department

The Toledo Police Department is organized into three divisions: Support and Administrative Services Division; Operations Division; and, Investigative Services Division. 

According to the Toledo Police Department, “The Field Operations Division is the largest component of the police department and comprises both patrol and community services operations.  Under the direction of a Deputy Chief, these service are provided from three different full-service facilities known as the Northwest, Central, and Scott Park District Stations, as well as numerous neighborhood sub-stations.

The Administrative Services Division, commanded by a Deputy Chief, provides assistance in the areas of Planning & Research, Fiscal Affairs, Training, and Personnel and Public Affairs. 

Investigative Services Division, commanded by a Deputy Chief, includes the Special Enforcement Bureau (Forfeiture Unit, Metro Drug Task Force, and Vice), and the Investigations Bureau (Person and Property Section, Scientific Investigations, Auto and Sex Squads, Domestic Violence Unit, and the Technical Crimes Section).”

In addition to the large divisions, the Toledo Police Department has a number of specialized units and functions such as the Crisis Intervention Team.  According to the Toledo Police Department, “The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is a national program of community partnerships involving law enforcement, the community, and mental healthcare agencies. Through quality training, officers are given tools to better assist in resolving crisis situations involving individuals and families affected by mental illness. In October of 2007, 16 officers and four communications operators graduated from the latest CIT class. The Toledo Police Department has found value in this program and currently has 99 trained officers and 30 communications operators who are CIT trained. A new CIT computer database was also established in 2007. This database provides officers with statistical data which makes more efficient use of their time, and provides information to enhance their personal safety and that of the consumers they are assisting.”

He attended the University of Toledo, where he played football for one year before playing two years of semi-professional football in Toledo.  He joined the Toledo Police Department and during his career has worked in Communications, Traffic Section, Records Section and Street Patrol; and, had a number of commendations during his career


His book, Tales from the Bat Cave, is a look at policing during the 1960s and 1970s.  According to the book description, “The “kick ass and take names” days are gone. Police work nowadays is more the “touchy-feely” way. During this era of police work the Officers carried .38 revolvers, did not have portable radios, copy machines, computers and bulletproof vests were the exception rather than the norm. The vests that were worn by officers in this era were the old-fashioned flak vests that weighed about thirty-five pounds.”

According to one reader of Tales From The Bat Cave, “I have to review the author more than the book but both are 5 stars. A good man and a good cop. I lived a part of many of these stories and reading them again has been a walk on memory lane. Real life and truth are what it is all about.”

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