Henry Fielding published pamphlets about policing such as the Inquiry into the Causes of Robbers.

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Passaic County Sheriff's Department (New Jeresy)

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Jerry Speziale

About Passaic County Sheriff’s Department

The Passaic County Sheriff’s Department is a full-service law enforcement agency that is organized into three large bureaus: Bureau of Corrections; Bureau of Law Enforcement; and Bureau of Court Security.  The department also has the functions of civil process and community policing.

According to Passaic County Sheriff’s Department, “Along with the its most visible unit, Uniformed Patrol, this division also deploys the following specialized units whenever they are needed throughout the county, at no extra cost to taxpayers: Bomb Squad, Crisis Response Team, Emergency Services Unit, Haz-Mat Team, Special Weapons, Scuba Team, Criminal Investigations Division, Narcotics Investigations, Water Resource Protection Unit, Internet Crime Unit, Fugitive Warrant Squad, Crime Scene Unit, Marine Patrol, Public Safety Telecommunications, E-911 Call Center, and Hostage Negotiation.

Unlike state or federal prisons which hold sentenced individuals, the Passaic County Jail houses all of the following: accused persons awaiting trial; convicted persons serving short-term sentences; convicted offenders awaiting state sentence or execution of sentence; probation, parole and bail bond violators; juveniles pending transfer to juvenile authorities; and, mentally ill persons pending their movement to appropriate health facilities.

Jail Records, the Bureau of Criminal Identification, the Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program, and Hopedell work crews also operate from the jail, providing various services for county residents.

The safety of thousands of people, including judges, lawyers, jurors, litigants, witnesses, judicial staff, press and the public, must be maintained to allow them to carry out their daily activities. The Bureau of Court Security is also responsible for maintaining order in courtrooms, waiting areas and all other court premises. Sheriff Officers also effect arrests and respond to all types of emergencies including but not limited to medical, fire and bomb threats.

There are twenty five Superior Court Judges assigned to the Superior Court complex, six judges presiding in the Family part, ten judges, presiding in the Civil part and nine judges presiding in the Criminal part. Sheriff's Officers are stationed in all courtrooms. Every month in excess of one thousand inmates are transported from the Passaic County Jail and Passaic County Detention Center to secure temporary holding cells located at the court complex. These inmates are brought to the court complex for various judicial proceedings”

Selected book by the Passiac County Sheriff.

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