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Patrick Jones

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Patrick Jones “was born and raised in St. Louis. He has taught himself paleoanthropology, archaeology and woodworking. For many years, he served with St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department with the bureau of investigation and communication. He and his wife Sandy raised a son and daughter in St. Louis. When their children graduated from school, the couple moved to rural Crawford County, Mo., where they now reside with their dogs. When not writing, Jones enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his five grandchildren.”  Patrick Jones is the author of The Wolf’s Moon.

 According to the book description of The Wolf’s Moon, “The Wolf's Moon is an adventure thriller set in the heart of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. This action-packed thriller tracks a mysterious beast, stalking the innocent people in the town of Maple Hills. The main character, Mark Lansdowne, relentlessly tracks the beast as it stalks the town, only to find out that it has been extinct for literally thousands of years. Mark Lansdowne's past provides an element of mystery in itself, enabling him to hunt as does the beast. A subtle romantic theme is woven throughout the adventure as Mark Lansdowne pursues the beast at his own peril.”


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