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From the History of the New York City Police Department 

This Watch expenditure, apart from the outlay involved in lighting the streets from the year beginning May 1, 1786, and ending May 1, 1787, placed the cost of the Watch, which consisted of a Captain and twenty-eight men, at £1724 8s., of which £50 was for wood and candles, and the rest, £1674 8s., was for salaries. These were computed at the rate of £32 a week for the entire Watch, and the Captain had eighty shillings a night or £2, 16s., a week, while the twenty-eight Watchmen had three shillings a night, or £1, 1s., per week each.


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Patrick Murphy's experience includes 25 years as a New York Department police officer. He was appointed Commissioner of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) by Mayor John Lindsay in 1970. He has also headed the police departments in Syracuse, NY, Washington, D.C., and Detroit. Patrick Murphy wrote Commissioner.

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