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About the Towamencin Township Police Department

The Towamencin Township Police Department began operation on January 1, 1975 under the command of the first Chief of Police Jack D. Rearick. The department started with a total compliment of a Chief of Police, 6 officers and 1 clerk.  Joseph Kirschner was appointed Chief of Police in 1977.  Today, the Towamencin Township Police Department is organized into two major divisions: The Patrol Services Division; and, The Criminal Investigation and Support Services Division.


The Patrol Services Division is responsible for all primary uniformed and plainclothes patrol duties in the department, including marked and unmarked vehicle patrols, bicycle patrols, routine traffic enforcement, accident investigation, emergency response and tactical operations.  The Towamencin Township Police Department is a member of the North Penn Area Tactical Response Team.  The Team was initially formed in 1982 and is now comprised of officers from eleven local police departments representing thirteen municipalities, and includes tactical medical personnel. 


The Tactical Response Team is designed to respond to many types of high-risk situations that require a specialized response.  The members of the Tactical Response Team are highly trained police officers whose training sessions involve physical training, weapons training, entry and arrest techniques, crisis negotiations, and much more.


The Criminal Investigation and Support Services Division of the Towamencin Township Police Department is composed of the Criminal Investigation Unit, School Resource Unit, Technical Services Unit and the Administrative Support and Records Unit.


The Criminal Investigation Unit is responsible for criminal investigations, forensics, crime scene processing, drug investigations, criminal intelligence, evidence management, applicant background checks, and the investigation of juvenile crime.




Chief Paul T. “Tim” Dickinson started his law enforcement career in 1977. He has served in several police agencies in the metropolitan Philadelphia, PA area. His past assignments have included patrol operations, patrol supervisor, criminal investigations, undercover narcotics investigation, and tactical operations command. He has served as a chief of police since 1992.Paul Dickinson is a graduate of Temple University and the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy in Quantico, VA.  


Chief Paul Dickinson instructed recruits in the police academy for more than ten years and has also conducted various training programs for police supervisors and elected officials. He serves as a law enforcement consultant for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and numerous police agencies and communities throughout Pennsylvania. Currently, Paul Dickinson is the chief of police of the Towamencin Township Police (Pennsylvania). Chief Paul Dickinson is the co-author of Police Management:

Real World Scenarios.


According to the book description of Police Management: Real World Scenarios, “Even though police officers receive months of training in the police academy before they hit the streets, most learn to be good cops by responding to an endless variety of calls for assistance from the public. Becoming a proficient police manager is a challenging but rewarding journey. This book seeks to help in this journey by applying the principles of leadership to real-world situations. Each chapter consist of a dialogue or story involving police managers facing problems and issues regularly dealt with by police agencies. Each chapter concludes with a review of the lessons learned, ensuring that the reader achieves maximum benefit.”

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