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Paul Sheldon, Tucson Police Department is a former Marine and police K9 handler.  He is the author of For the Love of a K-9.

According to the book description of For the Love of a K-9, “Kegan was a police K-9 who delivered life lessons better than he delivered at work. This book was written not just to remember a terrific partner but to share his story with everyone. Love is a word that is used too many times without understanding just how deep and meaningful it really can be. He was a dog, but he was so much more than that. He lived to be happy and that happiness was infectious. He took a hard-nosed former U.S. Marine and current police officer and turned him into a sentimental, loving and happy man. Life lessons come from some of the strangest places and no one ever saw this lesson coming. A story of excitement, love and remembrance of an amazing friend, partner and dog.”


About the Tucson Police Department

The Tucson Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency who executive staff includes one chief of police and four assistant chiefs.  The day-to-day police work is accomplished through the geographically named operations Divisions.  According to the Tucson Police Department, “On July 28, 2002, Operations Division Downtown was founded as the newest division of the Police Department in over thirty years. Since that time, it has expanded in both its geographic size as well as the scope of its mission. The staff includes a captain and secretary, two lieutenants, six sergeants, approximately fifty officers, one detective, a criminal intelligence officer, three marshals, and four community service officers. Additionally, three motorcycle officers are assigned from the Traffic Section to assist with traffic problems in the division.


Members working in the team accomplish their mission using a community policing philosophy and a variety of assignments that include Motors, Bikes, Walking Beat, Headquarters Security, Prisoner Transport, Court Security, and Community Service. The eclectic mix of division personnel and their excellent work ethic all contribute to providing the highest level of service to this unique area of our community.

The goal of the Downtown Division is to work in a cooperative effort with stakeholders and community partners to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all people in the area. This includes the numerous visitors to the central business district who come to partake in its many cultural focal points such as the Tucson historical district, Fourth Avenue, the Tucson Convention Center, and the Temple of Music and Art.”

For the Love of a K-9
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