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Paul Stuligross has been in law enforcement for over 19 years.  He is the author of Birth of an Angel (published under the pen name Paul Stuart).

According to the book description of The Birth of an Angel, “Peter Blakely has lost his faith. After nine years on the streets, amidst a childhood-acquainted with grief, he recalls the absence of a father sent to prison years before. Now, a decade later, this man who has since been released, hopes for reconciliation. Forgiveness, though, does not come easy for Peter; especially in light of his vocation. Years amidst deprecating surroundings have changed him. For now it is easier not to believe; more comfortable not to forgive; more convenient to be angry.

Enter Pascal…the newest angel. God has seen fit to create him for the sole purpose of serving as a guardian to this unlikely police officer. Tentative and uncertain, Pascal finds himself curiously unhappy with his “assignment”. ‘Why can’t he be closer to God, like the others? Why must he be so proximate with the sin and depravation of the world?’

As the lessons are learned by each mortal, so they are burned into the souls of each of their guardian angels. And what is visible to angelic eyes is not always visible to human ones. Why is there assisted suicide? Why does God allow suffering in the world? How is the world truly viewed in Heaven? Curious questions to humans. But when witnessed through the eyes of celestial beings, who see God as He is, the world makes a bit more sense.

Will Pascal reach Peter? Will his discontentment be addressed by the Son? Or will he come to see that he is closest to the Trinity amidst the thankless drudgery he seeks to avoid? A vocation filled with rewards not unlike that of his mortal’s, perhaps the answers are closer than he thinks.

According to one reader of The Birth of an Angel, “The breadth and depth of this work goes beyond most contemporary author’s capabilities. The relativistic - subjectivism - Situational Ethics - traditional Christian moral theological viewpoints are brought out and contrasted in a modern believable fashion. This work will MAKE YOU THINK --- about your own life and where you are headed. The work is written in a manner entertaining and enjoyable and acceptable for teens yet sophisticated enough for mature minds.”

The Birth of an Angel
Paul J Stuart  More Info

About the Novi Police Department 

According to the Novi Police Department, “In 1954, the Township of Novi, Michigan decided to establish their own police department. While the Oakland County Sheriff had been patrolling the small farming community of approximately 5000 people, the Board of Trustees at that time had a vision for the future.  Lee BeGole, a member of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and a World War II U.S. Army Veteran, was hired as Chief of Police. BeGole organized the fledgling organization, serving alone initially, and adding three or four officers later on. He was a dedicated law enforcement officer who served the City for 32 years.”

Today, the Novi Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency that is organized into three divisions: General Service Division; Communications Division; and Uniformed Division.

According to the Novi Police Department, “the Uniform Division is made up of 45 patrol officers, eight sergeants and one lieutenant. The men and women of this division are the first responders to calls of all nature. Several officers are assigned to the traffic section. Another officer is the K-9 handler. Besides the black and white patrol cars seen throughout the city, officers also use motorcycles and mountain bikes to serve the community.”

According to the Novi Police Department, the Investigation Section (which is part of the General Services Division) has the responsibility to “investigate all crimes and gather all evidence related to those crimes. Upon completing their investigations the Detectives are required to submit all findings to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office, or the Novi City Prosecutor’s Office for formal criminal charges. There are several specialty areas within the Investigation Section that are vital to its success. A Juvenile Detective is responsible for investigating all crimes related to juveniles as well as developing partnerships with several community groups that work with the children in and around Novi. A Court Services Detective is responsible for dealing with all court proceedings, prisoners and maintaining the department’s property room. A School Resource Officer is assigned to the Novi High School and is responsible for a variety of activities that take place in that facility. The SRO not only investigates criminal activity but serves as a liaison between the PD and the school as well as several other entities within the city.”

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