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Peoria Police Department (Illinois)

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Larry L. Layman

About the Peoria Police Department

The Peoria Police Department polices the second largest city in the State of Illinois.  The city has a population of 112,000.  The Peoria Police Department has 246 sworn personnel assigned to patrol duties and three separate units within their Criminal and Special Investigations Division.  The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for identifying and apprehending criminal offenders, and for preparing criminal cases for prosecution. These cases may involve robbery, theft, rape, murder, fraud, drugs, arson and other serious crimes. Investigators work closely with victims, respecting their right to equal justice under the law.


The Juvenile Unit is committed to the development and implementation of programs to prevent and control delinquency and criminal behavior among youths. In addition to coordinating and preparing court cases for youthful offenders, the Juvenile Unit acts as a liaison to local schools.


The Computer Crimes Unit was initiated in 1999 as there was a growing need for work in this area as the exploitation of children and computer frauds were becoming evident. Detectives were trained extensively in the specialized unit in the area of computer forensics. Special equipment and software was purchased via grant and City funding to help identify and preserve evidence - "fruits of the crime". The Computer Crimes Unit works in partnership with Federal, State, and local agencies to combat child pornography, internet frauds, and other related matters.





Selected book from a Peoria Police Department police officer.

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