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About the Santa Ana Police Department

The Department has 700 employees providing a variety of police services, in positions as police officers, dispatchers, detention officers, and police service officers.  In addition to the Office of the Chief of Police, the Santa Ana Police Department is organized into five bureaus: Administrative Bureau; Field Operations Bureau; Investigations Bureau; Jail Bureau; and, Technology and Support Bureau.




Pete Bollinger first became interested in law enforcement while serving in the United States Air Force, where he attained the rank of Sergeant. While in the military, he obtained A.A. Degrees in Industrial Security from the College of the Air Force and Criminal Justice from Devils Lake College in North Dakota. After honorable discharge, Mr. Bollinger continued his education, obtaining a B.S. Degree in Public Administration from the University of La Verne and a Masters Degree in Management from the University of Phoenix.


Pete Bollinger has been a police officer with the Santa Ana Police Department since 1988 and has worked a variety of assignments throughout his career. First and foremost, he is proud that the majority of his work history has been on patrol. He has served in an undercover capacity, both purchasing and selling narcotics, in vice programs with prostitutes, transvestites and other dregs of society. Pete Bollinger was fortunate enough to earn an assignment in Personnel, specifically in the background unit. He attained the rank of Sergeant and now supervises a team of Officers.  Pete Bollinger is the author of 45 Days of Perfection; And God Made Eve; First, Kill the Lawyers; Man Landers; and, Rx for Justice.  He is the co-author of How to Get Hired in Law Enforcement & Fire.


According to the book description of How to Get Hired in Law Enforcement & Fire, “Is public safety right for you? Before getting into this career field you must consider if the danger involved fits your personality. Do not be offended if you are not meant for the demanding nature of LAW ENFORCEMENT and FIRE, very few are! Public safety is a calling and for some inexplicable reason, ou are either equipped for it or you're not. If you attempt to fake it, because of the fringe benefits (status, women, money), you will find yourself in a world, in which you do not belong! If the title of this book caught your eye, you are probably one of the ELITE. In our lawless society where rules are often ignored, you feel driven to enforce the law. You are uncomfortable around people who participate in criminal activity. You know that society is deteriorating at an alarming rate and it bothers you. You have the desire to make things right and do not have the ability to do it! This book may change all of that and help you conquer the challenges of entering PUBLIC SAFETY!”


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