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Peter Mars, a thirty year veteran of law enforcement, has an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and police science; masters degree in public administration; and, doctorate in sociology.  He began his law enforcement career with the Yarmouth Police Department (Massachusetts).  After 12 years with Yarmouth, he moved to Maine where he became the Chief of Administrative Services for the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office (Maine).  He has authored six books: The Tunnel, A Taste for Money, The Key, The Best Suit in Town, The Chaplain and Alternative Measures.

According to the book description of The Best Suit in Town, “When an old person dies, a library is lost. Information sometimes pertinent may be gone or misconstrued by future writers or historians. The Best Suit in Town is written for posterity. The book tells the story of a great generation of cops who policed a mid-sized, Midwestern industrial city after World War II through the time of conflict in Vietnam. It was a time of change and turmoil that included the civil rights movement and society's general rebellion against authority.

The stories are not those of historians but rather the unadulterated truths coming from old street cops, letting you know first-hand what it was like to walk a beat during this time when the criminal justice system was about to explode.

These police officers had a lot in common with each other. They had come from blue-collar working families and had served their country in the war where they had seen both the best and the worst of mankind. They knew right from wrong and treated everyone with respect, until shown otherwise. As new officers they all got to know the "night people" during their assignment to the graveyard shift. These men called Mansfield, Ohio their home. Mansfield was also the home of the Rev. Joel King, uncle of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Shirley Rhodes, secretary and manager to Sammy Davis, Jr., and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Louis Bromfield. Their stories figure prominently in ours.

Armed with a nightstick and a .38 caliber revolver, the new policemen went to work in the street. Their job changed rapidly through their lifetime. It was a roller-coaster ride of good and bad, the vibration from which can still be felt today. There is a message in every chapter taken from the point of view of the cop who worked the street or from the people who lived the story.”

One reader of Alternative Measures: Homeland Security, the ultimate power for the protection of the United States, had no knowledge of an internal strike force operating ... responsible for September 11, 2001 said, “And a tooth for a tooth is the beginning of an interesting book based on a secret task force to pay back the terrorists responsible for September 11th. The main character, Jim an ex-Navy Seal who is recruited for a covert operation that takes him into enemy territory into the heart of Iraq. A lethal weapon in combat, privy to top secret intelligence information, and some very interesting weapons to aid him in finding the elusive weapons of mass destruction:

Jim is a man with a mission.

Paul McKee who runs this secret group known as the Homeland Security Strike Force must carefully orchestrate this mission without public knowledge and complete this mission even if it means that they must resort to unorthodox means to achieve that goal.This was a fun and interesting book in which I hope the author pursues as a series.

I want to see more of Jim and Paul Mckee!”

According to the book description of The Key, “Ed Fitzgerald was a good cop who did everything by the book. Discovering a burglary in progress and attempting to apprehend the criminals, he is injured on the job by one of the burglars and becomes not only the victim of the crime but of the court system when he wounds one of the teen criminals. As a result, he loses the sight in one eye, his job and his savings.

Ed takes a job with an armored car company and plans the perfect crime. He steals millions and makes a successful getaway. When later caught, he is virtually penniless. He refuses to utter a word in court and is sentenced to twenty years in prison where he dies during a riot.

Art Booker, a prison guard, is the only man he trusts because he has not probed, as other prisoners and prison administrators have done, about the whereabouts of the money. As he is dying, Ed gives Art clues to the location of the missing millions. Their whispered conversation is overheard and the chase is on from New England to Florida to the Cayman Islands.”

According to the book description of A Taste for Money, “A novel based on the true story of a dirty Boston cop. Six shots fired from a .357 magnum handgun disrupted the quiet solitude of Maine's Belgrade Lakes Great Pond. All fired at close range, the bullets had done their job. Terrence Maloney was dead. The one-time newspaper reporter would now become the subject of a news story instead of its author. And the story would expose secrets which not only explain why his wife of fifteen years killed him, but also his link to a massive drug trade in which his partner was a Boston cop. Drugs and guns are a deadly combination when greed creates a desire, which demands satisfaction... a desire fueled by a taste for money.

In his second novel based on actual events, police veteran turned author, Peter Mars again enters the world of rogue cops telling a story that the Boston Police do not want you to know. After all, no police agency wants its good reputation tarnished. From his thirty years in law enforcement, Mars brings to the surface the corruption and criminal activity usually kept hidden from the public. And the pristine woods of Maine make an ideal hiding place for two men also wanting to keep their illicit business a secret.  A Taste for Money delves into the background and lives of men bent on using their positions of respect and power as a means to by-pass the law while satisfying their hunger for monetary wealth.”

One reader of A Taste for Money said it was “well written. The author caught my curiosity early on. Having summered in the New England area just north of Boston for many years, this story is more than believable. It shows a very dedicated police officer becoming involved and entangled in the web of GREED and how the tentacles reach out bringing other people into the fold. Every policemen should read this book. It takes you through the process of a good police officer winding his journey to becoming a rogue cop. Read it. You won't lay it down until you close the rear cover.”

The Tunnel: Drug Dealers Are Missing in Boston. It's Not a Bad Thing, but a Good Thing! but What Is Making Them Disappear
Peter Mars  More Info

A Taste for Money
Peter Mars  More Info

The Key: It Was a Secret Worth Millions, Unlocked After Twenty-Two Years...but Wouldanyone Find the Money
Peter Mars  More Info

Alternative Measures: Homeland Security the Ultimate Power for the Protection of the United States Had No Knowledge of an Internal Strike Force Operating Within Its Ranks
Peter Mars  More Info
The Best Suit in Town
John P Butler  More Info
The Chaplain: Can The Confession Of An Illicit And Passionate Love Affair Remove Guilt And Restore Purity? The True Story Of One Man's Struggle With God
Peter Mars  More Info

According to the book description for Alternative Measures, it “opens the door into a world unknown to most civilians, a secret underworld with deep-rooted connections in Maine, where the seemingly most innocuous residents are responsible for some of the most potent activities for guaranteeing the security of this country. Written as a fictional account to protect his sources, you will wonder where the truth ends and the story begins.”

According to the book description of The Tunnel, “Drug dealers are missing in Boston. It's not a bad thing, but a good thing! But what is making them disappear?

The Tunnel is a fast-paced novel about how the men in blue dispose of drug dealers in the City of Boston. Author Peter Mars, a former police officer in Boston knows the streets -- the drug trade and criminals on them, and the labyrinths of abandoned tunnels beneath them. Many cops in Boston and elsewhere do their best to battle the influence of drug dealers, but some look the other way. Others, the heroes of The Tunnel, decided to eliminate drug dealers by becoming judge, jury and executioner of those who are destroying society. The Tunnel is the gripping story of one such cop, Frank Conley. Conley discovers a cache of money during a routine fire investigation of a burned out drug laboratory. Since the money is unknown to anyone but himself and the dead criminals, he decides to use it to finance his own operation to rid the streets of the dealers. Conley is a man who believes his job is to make the world a better place to live, and this unexpected windfall becomes the financing for his plan. He, and several trusted men in his division, take on the mission of ridding the city of a few bad men. They buy a building with a cellar door that leads to one of the city's abandoned tunnels, and the officers begin to deal with crime and criminals on their own terms. If dealers are vanishing from the streets, is anyone sorry?”

One reader of The Tunnel said, “Peter Mars has taken the reader through a series of scenarios that if real would shock any Bostonian! Having worked in Cambridge and knowing the surrounding towns that encompass to plot, one wonders what is potentially real or not real in this shocker! Mars'30 years and experience in Police work in Boston shines in the graphic description of real life police experiences. You just know that he was there for some of this fiction! The creativeness of the expository in the various scenes as well as the main character's "first person" descriptions of a cop's feasible day to day routine puts the reader in the driver's seat of the patrol car. The two part sectioning of the book was intriguing and became a late "hook" for me. The first "hook" was one third into the book.. drama in the tunnel. Not knowing that remnant caverns of Boston's subway (the oldest in the US- the MTA, before the MBTA) existed, the author has created for the reader his imagination of what might be going on below the streets of Boston today. A must read for people that who like police action and envision justice prevailing when the legal system loopholes allow for repeat offenders to end up back on the street to prey on the public.”

About the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office

According to the Kennebec County Sheriff, “The Kennebec County Sheriff's Office has proudly served the citizens of Kennebec County since 1799. Through those 200+ years the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office metamorphosed with the changing times. The Kennebec County Sheriff's Office is a full service sheriff's office consisting of 120 employees. We operate the Kennebec County Correctional Facility with a maximum population of 151 inmates.

We embrace the concept of Community Policing. All law enforcement agencies must realize that they can't ebb the tide of violence and drug abuse without collaborating with their communities on plans to stop these criminal activities. The Kennebec County Sheriff's Office is committed to developing collaborative relationships with the municipalities it serves with the knowledge that when we work together we really can make a difference.”

In addition to traditional law enforcement, the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office has a number of specialized programs, such as its community policing program.  According to the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office it “has established six substations in Kennebec County in an effort to keep deputies in their assigned areas without having to return to the Augusta headquarters as often. This will allow for a more efficient response to citizens requiring law enforcement services, and allows deputies to work with the public to develop solutions to chronic problems within their patrol areas utilizing collaborative problem-solving techniques.

The first Enhanced Neighborhood Policing project in Kennebec County was established in the Town of Belgrade in 1998. This community-policing project has addressed issues of lighting, speeding, pedestrian safety and traffic control devices.”

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