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The Iron Dog
Peter M. Wright  More Info

About the Redlands Police Department

The Redlands Police Department employs 98 sworn officers and more than 100 civilian personnel and operates under the policy of Risk Focused Policing (RFP). Risk Focused Policing is a data and results-driven, community-oriented policing and problem solving strategy which focuses on those factors in a community that place its youth and their families most at risk for criminal and other problem behaviors. In addition to measuring risk factors and finding ways to control crime before it happens - which is the philosophy of RFP, there are five community policing stations staffed by Community Policing Officers and other police personnel working toward a healthy community.  The Redlands Police Department is organized into two large divisions: Field Services and Community Services.


The Field Services Division of the Redlands Police Department comprises four bureaus: Patrol Services Bureau, Crime Intervention Bureau, Investigative Services Bureau, and the University of Redlands, Director of Public Safety. The division consists of 96 sworn personnel, 41 civilian employees and more than 100 citizen volunteer members,


The Redlands Police Department’s Investigative Services Bureau is primarily responsible for investigating serious and complex felony cases such as murder, aggravated assault, sex crimes, crimes against children and the elderly, robbery, burglary, identity theft, auto theft and arson. Additionally, the ISB investigates all death cases, missing persons and runaways. The structure of the ISB includes a lieutenant who is the Bureau Commander and a sergeant who is the Assistant Bureau Commander. Three primary units make up the bureau; the Violent Crimes Unit with two detectives, the Special Victims Unit with two detectives and one investigator and the Property Crimes Unit with two detectives and one investigator.


The Crime Intervention Bureau of the Redlands Police Department (CIB) is responsible for identifying specific crime problems or trends within a geographic area and developing a response or intervention strategy that will have a positive effect on the problem. Through the use of sophisticated crime analysis, members of CIB employ a “problem solving” approach to crime in Redlands. The Crime Intervention Bureau includes the Multiple Enforcement Team, Parole and Corrections Team (PACT), and the Drug Court Officer.


The Community Analysis and Technology Unit of the Redlands Police Department provides support and services in pursuit of the Police Department’s mission, and works in partnership with public and community partners to connect data and technology assets and skills to our decisions, efforts and operations.




Peter M. Wright is a retired detective from the Redlands Police Department (California).  Peter Wright is the author of The Iron Dog.


According to the book description, “The Iron Dog case follows the abduction and assault of a seventeen-year-old highschool girl and the hunt for the suspects by Barton Keene, a former San Francisco homicide detective, and his two close friends, Buddy Bigfeather, a grape grower in the California wine country, and Denton Tuggle, a local cop. Keene’s pursuit of the outlaw gang that kidnapped Tonya Charbonneau eventually includes murders, crime scene investigations, airplane crashes, and autopsies. The search ends in a final confrontation between the suspects, Barton Keene and his two companions. Keene resides in a somewhat rundown mountaintop villa called Casa Viejo with a nomadic old tomcat he has dubbed Crazy Christian. He won't admit it, but he is deeply in love with Marianna Dowd, a local six-grade schoolteacher.”

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