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Quintin Peterson

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Quintin Peterson was a police officer with the Metropolitan Police Department for more than 28 years, where he was assigned for most of his career to its Public Information Office as a media liaison officer.  He also was a liaison between the department and members of the motion picture and television industries, acting as a script consultant and technical advisor.  He is the author of two novels, several plays and screenplays, and short stories and is a contributor to Bad Cop, No Donut: Tales of Police Behaving Badly.

Quintin Peterson is the author of several plays and screenplays. He is a native Washingtonian. As a junior high school student, he attended the Corcoran School of Art on a scholarship. While still in high school, he was honored with the University of Wisconsin’s Science Fiction Writing Award and the National Council of Teachers of English Writing Award. Upon receiving the Wisconsin Junior Academy’s Writing Achievement Award, his name was included in Who’s Who Among American High School Students of 1975.

As an undergraduate communications major at the University of Wisconsin, he wrote and performed in two plays for stage and videotape and received a Mary Roberts Rinehart Foundation grant for his play project, Change. A National Endowment for the Arts creative writing fellowship and a playwriting grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities followed. Subsequently, two of his radio plays were aired on WPFW-FM Pacifica Radio as productions of the Minority Arts Ensemble’s Radio Drama Workshop ’79. Mr. Peterson is a 24-year-veteran police officer with the Metropolitan Police Department and is currently assigned to its Office of Public Information as a media liaison officer. He is also a liaison between the department and members of the motion picture and television industries, acting as a script consultant and technical advisor. He is a contributor to the crime fiction anthology D.C. Noir, edited by George Pelecanos, and is an Active Member of the Mystery Writers of America. He is the creator of 'Jacob "Doc" Holloway', police officer in Washington D.C.

Quintin Peterson was most recently featured as a contributor to From Shadows and Nightmares.  He contributed the short story Round Midnight.  According to the book description of From Shadows and Nightmares, “Travel through the darkest shadows and twisted thoughts of a group of talented authors. From the traditional werewolf to an ancient curse to brain eating zombies, the authors' imagination will make you squirm in your seat.  Your stomach will clench as you read one, and then you will question just how depraved our fellow human beings can be as you read another.  The talent gathered in this latest addition to the Nightfall Publication anthologies present to you spine-tingling, blanket clutching stories, all brought to life from their own Shadows and Nightmares.” More information about the book is available from the publisher here.

According to the book description of The Wages of Sin, “D.C. Police Officer Jacob "Doc" Holloway was recruited to work as a narcotics undercover operative for the federally funded Janus Project, working in conjunction with federal law enforcement agencies' entire Special Investigations Network (SIN). Eighteen months later, he discovered that he had merely been a pawn of corrupt government and law enforcement officials seeking to eliminate their competition and ensure the continued success of their own criminal enterprises.  Now Doc Holloway has vowed to bring down these corrupt individuals and to see to it that they reap what they have sown.  The wages of sin is death.”

According to the book description of Sin, When street gangs murder his wife, Senator Grunwald enlists the SIN--Special Investigations Network--to stop the gangs, the drugs and the violence.”

According to the story description of A Dark Place, This is the story of a serial killer and the homicide detective tasked to track him down, told by someone who knows police work and how it affects the psyche over time. The hunter and the hunted, each in his own way, have descended into darkness, which is why I chose the painting for the “cover” artwork for this dark tale - it could be the face of the killer of the cop. In actuality, it is a self-portrait I painted when I was in the police academy some twenty-five years ago.”

Quintin Peterson said of The Kingsley Affair, “Usually, my crime stories are hardcore and very dark, essentially because of my experiences as a police officer. Although The Kingsley Affair is a dark tale, it is lighter than the kinds of stories I'm known for. Consider it my homage to Alfred Hitchcock, who made murder so much fun.”

According to the book description of Bad Cop, No Donut: Tales of Police Behaving Badly, “in this book you will find: Good Cops gone bad; Bad Cops gone worse; Police in the city; Sheriffs on the hunt; Cops on the beach; Cops on the take; Fights to the death; Ninjas and nunchuckas; Hookers and dealers; Good guys and bad guys And the Devil's own cop. featuring the talents of: - James Chambers - Gary Lovisi - O'Neil De Noux - Quintin Peterson - C. J. Henderson - Michael A. Black - Ron Fortier - Patrick Thomas - Michael Berish - Vincent H. O'Neil - Austin S. Camacho - Wayne D. Dundee - John L. French - Art Monterastelli - James Grady "A ride-around with some of the best cops and best cop writing in the business!" -David Black, author of The Extinction Event & writer for CSI Miami & Law & Order. "Bad Cop, No Donut includes some of the most riveting stories I have read to date. It's a top-notch crime fiction anthology." - Donald Bain, author of the "Murder, She Wrote" series.”

BAD COP, NO DONUT: Tales of Police Behaving Badly
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The Wages of SIN
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Quintin Peterson  More Info

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A Dark Place
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The Kingsley Affair
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About the Metropolitan Police Department (Washington, DC)

In 1790, Maryland and Virginia ceded portions of their territory for the purpose of establishing the Federal City. For the next 10 years, the Federal City was policed by constables appointed by these two states. In 1802, when the original charter of Washington was approved, police authority was centralized and power was granted to the city itself to establish patrols, impose fines, and establish inspection and licensing procedures. Until the creation of the Metropolitan Police Department in 1861, the city had only an auxiliary watch with one captain and 15 policemen.


Today, the Metropolitan Police Department includes more than 4,400 members—approximately 3,800 sworn police officers and more than 600 civilian employees. Today's Metropolitan Police Department (Washington, DC) is committed to the same proud ideals and traditions of the department in its earlier years. And while serving and protecting the community remains central to the Metropolitan Police Department (Washington, DC) mission, the department is also committed to building safer neighborhoods in partnership with the community.


Today's Metropolitan Police Department (Washington, DC) remains a remarkably diverse department. Nearly one in four of all sworn officers is woman, placing the MPDC among the national leaders in this regard. And Cathy L. Lanier made history when she was named the first female chief of the Metropolitan Police Department (Washington, DC), beginning in 2007. Approximately 70 percent of the Metropolitan Police Department (Washington, DC) sworn members are black, Hispanic or Asian, meaning that the department closely mirrors the makeup of the resident population it serves. As the Metropolitan Police Department strives to maintain its rich diversity, the department has also raised its hiring standards and taken other steps to enhance the professionalism of the force.



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