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Cradle to Grave 
Philip J. Swift  More Info

About the Denver Sheriff Department

In 1902, the Denver Sheriff Department was created along with the city and county of Denver.  The city and county of Denver are unique in that they have the same geographic boundaries.  Rather than have two law enforcement agencies essentially policing the same area, the city and county of Denver is set up so that the Denver Police Department provides primary law enforcement and the Sheriff’s Department is primarily responsible for the courts and jails.  Moreover, unlike many American counties, the County of Denver does not have an elected sheriff.


The Denver Sheriff Department is the third largest criminal justice agency in the State of Colorado.  They have 3 division chiefs, 5 majors, 18 captains, 68 sergeants, 603 deputies and 74 civilians.




Philip J. Swift was born into an Episcopal Church and grew up in both Missouri and Colorado and under the watchful eye of his father, an Episcopal Priest. At a young age, Philip decided that his life's work would not be found within the church but within the law enforcement community. Cradle to Grave is a unique look at an age-old problem. Philip uses his years of service with not only the Denver Sheriff's Department's Gang Unit but also the Department Emergency Response Unit to address the problem of monitoring and tracking both gang and Security Threat Groups from the prospective of a correctional setting. His unique look at an often overlooked issue offers a new set of techniques that can be applied to the ever-changing gang culture within today's jails and prisons. The Cradle to Grave philosophy binds together techniques that have been proven in facilities across the country to create a program that can effectively monitor and track gang and Security Threat Groups. Cradle to Grave also offers a view into gang and Security Threat Group culture that enables even a rookie officer to understand the inmates that live within the walls of today's correctional facilities.

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