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Plantation Police Department (Florida)

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Vincent B. Van Hasselt

About the Plantation Police Department

The Plantation Police Department serves a city of 22.8 square miles and a population of over 85,000.  The Plantation Police Department is generally organized into bureaus: the Operations Bureau and the Administrative Bureau. The Operations Bureau consists of two divisions: the Patrol Division and the Investigations Division.  A number of specialty units are also a part of the Operations Bureau.      


The Investigations Division is responsible for the investigation of all criminal cases reported to the department, is a vital part of the Operations Bureau.  This division also prepares cases to be presented to the District Attorney and includes two major crime teams that work specific cases, including homicides, robberies, burglaries and aggravated batteries.  There are also a number of specialized units under this division, including a Juvenile Unit, Identification Unit and the VIN (Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics) Division.


The Administration Bureau of the Plantation Police Department contains two divisions: The General Services Division and the Support Services Division.  The Support Services Division is “comprised of the Training Unit, Accreditation Unit, Site Planning, Police Reserve Program, Police Explorers Unit, Crime Prevention, Foot Patrol, Code Enforcement, Volunteer and Community Services Program, Recruitment and Selection Section and the Crime Analysis and Research and Planning Unit of the Police Department.”


On of the special units within the Plantation Police Department is the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team, which “consists of supervisors and officers from throughout the department. This highly trained team is used in a number of various situations to include arrest/ search warrant service, barricaded subjects, hostage rescue and dignitary protection. To prepare for theses dangerous encounters the S.W.A.T. Team trains bi-weekly utilizing real-life situations in which their skills and training are refined.”




Selected book by a Plantation Police Department police officer.

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