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Sworn to serve
empowered to protect
together we stand
our loyalty never suspect.
We are a team.
We work as one.
Our job is stressful
and rarely fun.
Support is a must
of our friends, our peers
so don't betray but
provide a confidential ear.
Although we quarrel
and at times disagree,
When it counts and you need me,
I'll be there dependably.
Just remember a cop...
is both hated and endeared,
but our faith in each other
should never be feared.

About the Author
Sergeant David L. Ferrante was hired in 1991, served as a SWAT officer, worked undercover narcotics for one year, field training supervisor, commander of the local explorer post, has won numerous medals in the Ohio Police and Fire Olympics, and a graduate of the University of Akron (A.A.S./ Criminal Justice) and Malone University (B.A./Organizational Management).

He can be reached at:
Sdave519@hotmail.com or dave.ferrante@parmajustice.net

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