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September 11th My Way

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September 11th My Way

At 8:46 AM, the war on terror began
1366 Americans died from the deadly Taliban
At 8:49 the second plane engulfed tower two
600 dead, the terrorists plot carried through
Hardworking Americans starting their day
Shuddered as the South tower gave way
Our nation's capital, next to feel the fury
Loved one's across the country sit worried
The Pentagon in complete and total disarray
As that jet liner challenged the American Way
The strength and courage of flight 93
Embraced the reason our Constitution starts with ""WE""
WE will stand together in remembrance of the lives
WE will rebuild those monuments that symbolize
WE will take our forces and hold the front lines
WE will never forget this Nation's cries
WE stand for freedom,
WE stand for peace, a better way of life
WE stand TOGETHER to protect
OUR Constitution, OUR Bill of Rights


Copyright ©2008 Tammi S. Behning

Tammi Behning is a retired law enforcement official. During her career, she worked as a corrections officer and field training officer for the Scott County Sheriff’s Department; as a corrections officer for the Iowa State Department of Corrections; and, in 2006 she retired from the Davenport Police Department as a 911 dispatcher.

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