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He is guarded much like a solider at his post.
The thoughts invade his once calm coast.
He is tormented and tosses like the sea.
But eventually he talked to me.

He told me a story about the night that really changed his life.
He pauses as he recalls the details and drives by there once or twice.
You see my best friend had a close encounter with an unforgiving opponent
that only God himself could have stopped.

I can tell he is back there as we speak.
I know the pain makes him feel weak.
His reaction to such trauma alludes most souls.
But to him gives great lows.
How dare she go after us, the man, her boy almost killed us.
We are here to serve and protect even a suspect.

He was upset and running away and he forces our hand.
He threatens our lives with our own machines - a gun is pointing at us you see.
We have families too. We didn't ask for this, yet, we serve and protect.
You didn't just change our lives you took control from me.
I can't have that I am a " STATIE".

But to say that I am relieved for my best friend is alive, doesn't tell the story.
You see this man, this STATIE has become more to me.
His scars have become mine too.
This indelible mark it leaves upon my heart.
He walked through this fire all alone.
That won't ever happen again, he won't ever walk alone, for his best friend brought him home.

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