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A Eulogy in Honor of Officer "Dutch"

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Good evening

to all who are

in attendance tonight.


I was asked to speak

for a few moments

about my experiences

with Dutch.


It was with great

humility and honor

I accepted that request,

for my love and respect

for Dutch

was immeasurable.


To the family and friends

of this remarkable

Law Enforcement Officer,

I wish to share

my condolences.

I realize there

is little I can say

to relieve

the sense of grief

you are experiencing.

But know this,

I am grieving also.


As his partner,

I knew Dutch

was solid and capable.

I seldom had to look

over my shoulder,

as Dutch did so for me.

Our bond was solid

and impenetrable.


We laughed together,

dined together,

sweat together,

cried together

and bled together.


There were moments

wherein I knew

his life was in grave,

grave danger,

and I shall say,

to this day,

I would have given

my life for him

in a second.


If only I had

that opportunity,


under these



He was

a mighty warrior

and fierce

when need be

as he patrolled

the streets,

side by side,

with me.

He was my

greatest protector

and partner.


He was also

filled with light

and passion,

often creating


in my soul.


He gave his life

while serving

the citizens

of this community.


While his death

was so very tragic,

he died

in a manner

which reflected

his great devotion

and willingness

to perform

to his fullest

and finest.


Dutch was


in that way.

Truly exceptional.


Of course,

Dutch will be

missed by many,

but know his spirit

continues to protect

this city,

both night and day.


I hope,

as his friend

and comrade,

I was able

to contribute

a minute measure

of comfort

to each of you

in attendance.


Take care of yourselves,

and those you love.

As he took care of me.


A.C. Fernandez

Author Notes

This was written in honor of Dutch, A K-9 who died tragically while in the line of duty.  While his death was not preventable, it was truly a heartfelt loss, both to the Law Enforcement community and the Citizens of Rantoul, Illinois.  He was and will continue to be greatly missed.


2014 A.C. Fernandez. All rights reserved


About the Author

A.C. Fernandez is a prolific writer of numerus poems and short stories.  She recently garnered attention in the literary community and is being considered an "up and coming" author.  She is also a published photographer.  Her artwork is on display at the SARC on Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas, where she resides.  Due to her life experiences and professional training, she pursues research in the matters of sexual assault perpetrated against all sexes, both female and male.  She assisted a Federal Law Enforcement Agency in an effort to trap pedophiles who perpetrate through internet venues.  She attended a training course at a Police Training Institute to become more educated regarding the role of the Law Enforcement officer vs. the citizens and communities they are assigned to protect. She is earning her degree in Criminal Justice at this time (6/16/2014).  She has worked as a counselor, case manager, and psychiatric nursing assistant.  Her primary focus has been convicted sex offenders and juveniles who were not convicted, but placed in treatment facilities.  She is a committed and experienced advocate for individuals who have been victims of these crimes.  She is also a member of a Red Cross Disaster Assessment Team and has earned a Presidential Pin in honor of having between 1,000 and 3,000 hours of volunteer service in a one year period of time.  Privacy and peace are her primary needs, far greater than food, clothing, and shelter.   

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