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Fallen Heroes

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The bagpipes play Amazing Grace as people file into the church;
Dress blues and a sea of black are filing the pews;
Tributes spoken and dedications given by loved ones;
Memories recounted;
Stories told;
Tears shared as the Honor Guard stands at attention;
Outside the K-9's sit next to their handlers;
Mounted patrols stand sentry;
The 21-gun salute sounds as the motorcade begins;
The hearse carries the flag-covered casket;
And leads a line of cars that stretches as far as the eye can see;
Helicopters fly over head as the white doves are released;
Somber faces express the sorrow felt by all as the call signs ring out;
Today we say good-bye to our Fallen Heroes.
Gone but Never Forgotten.

About the Author
Shalia Spears, a police officer's wife, is a Field Implementation Specialist.  She can be contacted at SSpears@oasisadvantage.com or her website: www.oasisadvantage.com


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