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I am a piece of cold blue steel
Molded into an instrument made to kill
Iím made in many sizes, styles and brands
There is always a market because Iím in demand

I am often times blamed and hated for the results of my use
But I have no control over my abuse
Some people would like to see an end to my kind
While others think that these folks are out of their minds

I am used by those who maintain law and order
As well as the soldiers who protect our border
Iím possessed by people for other lawful means
But in the wrong hands I can create a crime scene

For most, to have and hold me is a Constitutional right
One for which my advocates will stand and fight
So much attention, so much concern; none that I can feel
Because I am but a piece of cold blue steel

©Kent Fletcher
April 10, 2010



Kent Fletcher retired as Deputy Chief of the Durham NC Police Dept.  He served with that department for 301/2 years.  He is a graduate of the 162nd session of the FBI National Academy and has an AA and BS degree in Justice Administration from Guilford College.  Writing short stories and poetry has become a part-time hobby.  He can be reached at hkfletcher@nc.rr.com

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