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There is a place in Heaven where a victim's soul can go
A place to teach some others about the things they know
Some of them were parents with little girls and boys
They helped them do their homework and assemble all their toys
Many of them were babies with no chance to survive
No one really cared for them when they were alive
If they only had a chance to live a little longer
It may have given time enough for bonds to grow much stronger
Too many of them were teenagers, promising futures still ahead
They now have to live their dreams up in Heaven instead
As unsuspecting victims, when danger did appear
It may not have occurred to them that help was nowhere near
Every day people risk their lives for people they don't know
A selfless act of kindness shows us just how far they'll go
To help someone in trouble have a better chance to live
It's bringing hope to others that they risk their lives to give
Professionals who take an oath to protect us and to serve
Also lose their lives for us as we know they don't deserve
They are the ones that chose their life for the good of all mankind
Very special people they are rare, and hard to find
The bad ones that are out there that left our loved ones battered
Have no shame for all the pain and the lives that they left shattered
Some of them have been caught and tried but others are still free
In the end when we find them its justice, they too, will see

Barbara Hinson (2011)




Barbara Hinson is a Criminal Justice Major, working on her Ph.D. at South University in Columbia, South Carolina.  She has worked as an investigative journalist and has worked for many years with Southeastern Filmmakers.  The focus of her work has been on cold cases and missing persons.


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