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Dreams in Blue: "The Real Police"
Richard Neal Huffman  More Info

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The Wind howled in her pain and rage, the Sun’s brow furrowed with heat.
The Earth heaved as if to reveal its core as the Waters’ of the deep roared with displeasure.
It was time, they all agreed, that man paid his dues for he’d failed to keep up his end of the deal. He’d let them down by polluting them all thus his rights would be taken away.
The Wind would unleash her most destructive force, the Sun her intense heat. The Earth would quake in a violent manor and the Seas’ would roll with huge waves.
They would cleanse themselves of mankind’s debris and make him pay for his sins while doing it. For the day had arrived to end man’s rule and find someone else they could trust, to start from scratch, yes to start from dust.
So mankind died off and Nature was reborn, fresh, clean and new.
It was then I awakened and found a new day, a day to get a fresh start. I’d do all I could to make things right once again and try to get others to follow. For if we keep on like we have in the past we may have Hell to pay tomorrow.


About the Author
Richard Neal Huffman, of the Bangor Police Department, is the author of Rubal and Dreams in Blue: The Real Police, along with other short stories.


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