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Dreams in Blue: "The Real Police"
Richard Neal Huffman  More Info

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I remember, Youth.


I once firmly grasp your passion for life.

I ran with your endless energy, flying over hill and dale, the wind straining to catch up and warm sunlight on my face.


At night the stars were within my grasp and love surrounded my every move.


Your strength pushed me to higher levels, free from pain, fatigue or future cares.


Suddenly, somewhere along the joy-filled way of life I stopped to sleep. When I awakened you were gone.


I searched for you but found you left me behind. In the accompaniment of a new lover you deserted me.


I cry out for your return but to no avail.


Now, I find solace in memories and sit a lonely traveler in a grim world filled with challenges I no longer care to take.


My dreams are of youth and its thrills.


But there is hope for my spirit is still young. In my mind I still run, love, conquer difficulties.


I watch you now, in the laughter and song of my children and grandchildren.


I find that you never left after all. You are endless.


About the Author
Richard Neal Huffman, of the Bangor Police Department, is the author of Rubal and Dreams in Blue: The Real Police, along with other short stories.


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