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Kelly, Remembered

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Kelly, today you would have turned thirty three
What a beautiful lady you would now be
I miss the walks we use to take along the ocean shore
And all the things we did together that we can't do any more
But ever since you left this world I have been deeply driven
By thoughts about the night you died and will I be forgiven
I returned you to the place you felt such lonely desperation
Thinking it was safe for you was a foolish expectation
I'm sorry that you were too little to ever comprehend
I never would have left you had I known your life would end
The evil that you succumbed to the night your fate was sealed
Did not go undiscovered as his secrets were revealed
I know that I am part to blame in close association
To love you and to keep you safe I had an obligation
With secrets I embedded deep I had to use discretion
With all my faith in just one man I gave a rare confession
So Kelly, I can tell you, with reasonable absolution
That this man and, his unit, are set on a resolution
A Cold Case Unit comprised, of four men that are the best
They are Kind, unselfish saviors, that help the victims rest
They never let a family's grief be their personal gain
No matter who the victims are they can feel their pain
They understand the anger, and comfort all the sorrow
They're honor is compelling, a policy others should borrow
Every day they do their job and are rarely ever praised
They complete their task for victims and are totally unfazed
By all the attention suspects get beneath ones moral guide
They will always stand for justice while never having lied
So as each and every victim dies in deep and dark despair
There's a glitter of hope in knowing this Unit really cares
Kelly, I am so sorry that you were battered through the years
And for what your father did to you as you spent your life in tears
I know your little body and your soul are filled with scars
For you, the Cold Case Unit put your father behinds bars
I'm very grateful to them for having the courage and heart to say
We won't let the man who killed you-ever get away.

Barbara Hinson (2011)

To Pay Tribute To Detective Robert Alexander and Detective Greg Myler; Prosecutor John Thomas (San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Cold Case Unit); and, Prosecutor John Thomas and Prosecutor Mike Fermin.



Barbara Hinson is a Criminal Justice Major, working on her Ph.D. at South University in Columbia, South Carolina.  She has worked as an investigative journalist and has worked for many years with Southeastern Filmmakers.  The focus of her work has been on cold cases and missing persons.


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