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A Mother Waits

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She sat silently in the ER waiting for news from her son
Earlier that day he had become victim of a gun
Shot in the chest during a gang confrontation
He has a life threatening injury – a serious situation

How did this happen; is it as bad as it seems
She keeps praying that it is all a bad dream
She fears opening her eyes thinking that will make it real
This horrible event initiated from a cold piece of steel

In her own world she sits and she waits
Realizing the situation is one of dire straits
Every sound she hears seems distinctive and loud
Combined with movements seem if she’s in a cloud

Suddenly the opening doors break her trance
A figure in green scrubs starts to advance
The expression on his face is not one of joy
As he delivers the news “I’m sorry Mam I couldn’t save your boy”

A similar scenario plays out each day
Upon our youth violence is decay
It robs innocence, confidence and substance from their soul
We must get this beast under control.


© Kent Fletcher April 13, 2009



Kent Fletcher retired as Deputy Chief of the Durham NC Police Dept.  He served with that department for 301/2 years.  He is a graduate of the 162nd session of the FBI National Academy and has an AA and BS degree in Justice Administration from Guilford College.  Writing short stories and poetry has become a part-time hobby.  He can be reached at hkfletcher@nc.rr.com

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