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Nine Eleven, 2011

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It is now September two thousand eleven
Thousands more soldiers are now in Heaven
Since two thousand one year by year
We've stood together without much fear
Knowing our soldiers the brave up in arm
Have given their lives to shield us from harm
We give them our thanks, our support, and our love
And pray for the ones in our Heaven above
For the families of soldiers, the women and men
They will never see their loved ones again
We need to remember they are victims too
And respect them for supporting us the way they do
Thanks to the soldiers who've fought on the line
We're regaining our freedom one day at a time
Support our troops and help them stay strong
Because of their courage the worst one is gone
As Americans our victory comes when we say
No more of our soldiers will die today.
        Barbara Hinson (2011)



Barbara Hinson is a Criminal Justice Major, working on her Ph.D. at South University in Columbia, South Carolina.  She has worked as an investigative journalist and has worked for many years with Southeastern Filmmakers.  The focus of her work has been on cold cases and missing persons.


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