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Nine Eleven in Heaven

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Victims of the tragedy on 9/11
Have left this world and gone to Heaven
A place reserved for those special few
Far from the world that they once knew
In heaven they see the stars shine bright
As they lay together in peace at night
The evil that struck our country that day
Left all of America shocked and dismayed
The first plane had people wondering why
It descended upon them from out of the sky
Think of the people riddled with fear
As that second plane kept drawing near
Some knew in an instant no need to be said
That among all that wreckage many were dead
Fearing the worst many trampled each other
Others remained to help one another
Through all of the horror, the battered, in tears
Heroes arose with the slightest of fears
The lives many saved we will always remember
The courage displayed, that day, in September


Barbara Hinson is a Criminal Justice Major, working on her Ph.D. at South University in Columbia, South Carolina.  She has worked as an investigative journalist and has worked for many years with Southeastern Filmmakers.  The focus of her work has been on cold cases and missing persons.


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