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Dreams in Blue: "The Real Police"
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Ode to the American worker

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If anyone doubts your might and resolve, let them visit history to find the evidence.
Go back to the days of World War Two when three Tyrants tried to destroy us, for it was then that Uncle Sam cried out, “We need Tanks, Ships and Planes in abundance.”
From the cities and farms the workers’ joined forces and responded, “We’ll build those things our country asks and help beat back those hordes, for together our numbers are firmly united.”
In the steel mills they sweated and worked long days and the shipyards were filled with, ‘Rosie the riveter’. Tanks rolled off the assembly lines non-stop and Airplanes appeared as if by magic.
The world was introduced to the American worker, who never took no for an answer. From their vocabulary impossible was taken and in its place, “We can do it.”
The American worker would show how it was done by supplying the military its needs, and so much more in addition. They’d show those Tyrants’ they’d messed with the wrong one, and this time not through a war of attrition.
For they’d produce planes that filled the skies and ships that covered the seas. They’d send more Tanks than the enemy could muster.
They’d been given a job and they would not fail, because they were American workers’.
It’s still true to this day so you manufacturers should listen. Don’t send your work overseas for it’s here it’ll get done, faster, better and on time, for that’s the code of the American worker.


About the Author
Richard Neal Huffman, of the Bangor Police Department, is the author of Rubal and Dreams in Blue: The Real Police, along with other short stories.


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