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A sea of grey is what you see at any given time,
they protect and serve, and without a word they will not swerve.
They would give up it all to carry out their badge of honor.
It is what makes them all truly remarkable.

Joe P., Joe S., Paul, Matthew, and Josh are just to name a few,
who paid the ultimate price.
Without their courage, we would never understand their sacrifice.
They carry honor, strength dignity, and respect of all who are left to grieve.

And the families who are left behind at accept their sacrifice,
never fear PSP families are here and will never let them stand alone.
Our oath is one until it's all said and done.

So thank you all for loving police, it really is a ride.
Filled with ups and downs, curves and bumps, and an incredible amount of pride.
Hats off to Troopers and their loved ones, it's a blessing to be part of this great big family with a great big heart.

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