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She Never Came Home

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Every day, to and from school, children ride the bus
Most of them do so willingly without putting up a fuss
The step off the school bus and start heading down the block
Parents are either working or home watching the clock
Suddenly they realize their child is not at home
It's not like their child to leave home on their own
Fearing for the worst they call for help and say
Our child should be home because she was on her way
Authorities tell the parents that she's not the only one
That chose not to come home and that nothing can be done
They didn't want to wait around or hear that same old song
Your child is here somewhere and there is nothing wrong
Day descends to darkness then into the night
Not a word from anyone and no child within sight
Authorities told the parents that she simply ran away
And when she got the notion she'd return to them one day
Every day the family prayed and kept the hope alive
They prayed their daughter had the strength to be able to survive
After days of emptiness they began to lose their hope
Reality wasn't allowing them any way to cope
Then they got a text message from the suspect's phone
Authorities then knew she didn't leave home on her own
Finally they traced the call and knew right where they were
But how they were going to get to them they weren't exactly sure
The man who took their daughter on that fateful day
Was someone they'd been looking for though they would not say
Over a year this man had planned how he would take this child
Comfortable, badge in hand, he approached her and just smiled
He said he had her brother and she had to go with him
It didn't take too long to know that things were looking grim
For several days she suffered, tormented by this man
She could not escape him as he had the upper hand
She knew that to survive she had to gain the edge
So she took his phone away and stuck it through a wedge
Her courage and her wisdom helped keep her alive
And gave her all the strength she needed to survive

Barbara Hinson (2007)




Barbara Hinson is a Criminal Justice Major, working on her Ph.D. at South University in Columbia, South Carolina.  She has worked as an investigative journalist and has worked for many years with Southeastern Filmmakers.  The focus of her work has been on cold cases and missing persons.


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