Stop the Chatter All Lives Matter

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We live in this land called “the land of the free”,
A privilege that is granted to you and to me.
Most often taken for granted all wrapped up in nice;
That privilege has not come without great sacrifice.

Lives were lost and there were many fights,
First to gain then to keep and maintain these rights.
Gallons upon gallons of precious blood has been shed,
Far too few ‘thanks” have been said.

Recently something evil and misdirected has erected.
Hate and anger toward our peacekeepers has been directed.
Law Enforcement officers are being targeted, shot and killed,
All because of false narratives and rhetoric which to some has appeal.

What a disgrace to advocate murder and call it free speech.
Just how low down can this evil reach?
Kill the very ones who protect us and our rights.
These thugs have taken cowardness to a new height.

Do these killers envision things are better without those who serve and protect?
Do they think being a coward and murderer will bring them respect?
God created lives and to Him they all matter
So let’s follow His lead and stop all the divisive chatter.

© Kent Fletcher
September 2015

Dedicated to those men and women in law enforcement and the military who so gallantly protect our freedom and keep the peace. Thank you for your service.



Kent Fletcher retired as Deputy Chief of the Durham NC Police Dept.  He served with that department for 301/2 years.  He is a graduate of the 162nd session of the FBI National Academy and has an AA and BS degree in Justice Administration from Guilford College.  Writing short stories and poetry has become a part-time hobby.  He can be reached at

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