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The Invitation

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Late one night while working on patrol,
I received a call that made my blood run cold.
“There’s a man with a gun” the dispatcher did say,
“You need to respond, go right away.”
I drove towards the address and had the area in mind,
I was trying to envision,
Just what I might find.
He could be a murderer, he could be a thief,
But whatever his purpose he was going to cause grief.
I arrived on the scene and began to look around,
But the man with the gun was nowhere to be found.
My adrenaline was slowing, there would be no confrontation,
But farther down the road awaits another invitation.




Dan Russ is a retired law enforcement officer in Southern California having worn a uniform for 31 years.  The majority of his time he worked as a deputy sheriff with the Ventura County Sheriff's Office.  After 26 years, he traded in the tan and green for the dark blue uniform worn by officers of the CSU Channel Islands Police Department in Camarillo. 

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