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The Wall

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A colossus puncturing the shores of the sky

And buried deep into the grip of the ground

All torments within only imaginative lies


Symbol of separation for vermin in the surround

Within its depths another dimension defies

The speculation of its methods similar to a discussion of afterlife profound


Its truth reveals it is constantly breached

Both physically and by outside influence infected

Impotent resistance to the perforating advocate leech


From the outside safety of the masses and the wall connected

It has teeth and potential to launch fire but never discharges

If the belly were so terrible those digested would run for the mouth unprotected




The author is an eight year veteran of corrections writing poetry under the pen name of Arthur II.  This poem is from his work "The Injustice Poems."  That work can be purchased at https://payhip.com/b/lIrw

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