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They Still Call Me Colonel

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They still call me Colonel after all of the years
I always appreciate it and the emotions sometimes bring tears.
That was my rank when a decade ago I retired
Yet they still call me Colonel through its no longer required.

Officers and their agencies have a special connect
And with the passing of time, this I want to protect.
Being remembered by those with whom I once served
They still call me Colonel, a great honor that they have preserved.

It may be from habit that Iím called by my old rank
But to the many who still do it I sincerely thank
It makes me feel good and makes me proud
Knowing with such kind people my former agency is endowed.

I am neither a vain person nor ego impelled
But when Iím called Colonel I feel so upheld.
What a great group of people with whom I was honored to serve
I hope when they retire they continue to get the respect they deserve.

© Kent Fletcher
April 2012




Kent Fletcher retired as Deputy Chief of the Durham NC Police Dept.  He served with that department for 301/2 years.  He is a graduate of the 162nd session of the FBI National Academy and has an AA and BS degree in Justice Administration from Guilford College.  Writing short stories and poetry has become a part-time hobby.  He can be reached at hkfletcher@nc.rr.com

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