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I have chosen to be a dispatcher, working hard to save a life
It is our job to obtain the information from the chaos and the strife.

We do our best to get the location, and the nature of the call
Each call is always different. Sometime we cannot obtain it all.

A patient not breathing, a burglary, or a traffic accident could be the call
We ride the emotional roller coaster, remaining calm throughout it all.

We give instructions to the caller, while keeping them on the phone
Re-assuring help is on the way, and that they are not alone.

With the units enroute, caller still on the phone, we add notes to the call.
We never withhold information obtained, we gladly provide it all.

The Officer needs the address again, the Fire Chief more units to staging
The Medic the nature of the call, our job is to keep updating.

When we hang up phone we have done our job, our units are all Code-4
The calls can be overwhelming at times, Sometimes we would like to run out the door.

We have to be ready for that next call, Police, Fire, or EMS
We rely on our training as we strive to do our best.

We ride with you in your Police Cars, Fire Trucks, and Ambulances to each call
We are the lifeline that sends you out each time, and wants you safe throughout it all.

We are usually the face of the department, and the first to be left out
Those faceless voices behind the radio, you depend on without a doubt.

Thomas Nedzbala

About the Author
Thomas Nedzbala began his career in emergency services in Florence, New Jersery, in 1980. He moved to Arizona in 1993 where he has held several positions providing dispatch services for police, fire, medical and air medical communications centers.

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