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At half past eight the day promptly begins,
I unlock the door and the public streams in.
Some who come here haven’t a clue.
They’ll wander around for a minute or two,
Then to me they will ask, “do I check in with you?”
“No” I tell them, “Please take a seat.”
“I have an announcement to make that I don’t want to repeat.”
And when they are nestled all snug in their chairs,
I make my announcement, and I make it with flair.
I speak of guilty, not guilty, and being Pro Per,
Then there’s the Public Defender if you’re really not sure.
And when your case is over and you’re ready to go,
Please wait for your papers, they’re important you know.
Well that about does it, I’ve covered it all,
Time for the judge, I’ll go make the call.
And so it goes here in Courtroom 10,
When tomorrow rolls around I’ll do it again.




Dan Russ is a retired law enforcement officer in Southern California having worn a uniform for 31 years.  The majority of his time he worked as a deputy sheriff with the Ventura County Sheriff's Office.  After 26 years, he traded in the tan and green for the dark blue uniform worn by officers of the CSU Channel Islands Police Department in Camarillo. 

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