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Why are We Cops?

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Why Are We Cops?


We’re not sure we can tell you WHY we are cops;

It sure as hell ain’t for the money!

We work week-ends, and nights, and overtime shifts,

And we laugh when things aren’t really funny.


We hate all the trouble, the wrestling, the fights:

They ALWAYS tear up a NEW shirt!

There is no man alive that can make us admit

That that kick in the ribs really HURT!


We minimize pain, and are often heroic;

We’re comforters, advisors, and clerics;

We enforce the laws our society makes,

Which drives some people into hysterics.


We try to be fair, but stand firm for the right;

We are spat on, called names, and abused;

But when the shift's over, at the end of the day,

We don’t whine that we’re being ill-used.


We may serve a career and not draw a gun.

Or, with SWAT, serve some real high-risk warrants;

We may get a good tan in the Malibu sun,

Drive pursuits with rain coming in torrents;


We shed real tears for a mistreated child;

We give up time off for a charity;

We work the night shift and spend mornings in court:

Sometimes, seeing OUR kids is a rarity!


We handle collisions;  we recover remains;

Face armed robbers; pursue stolen cars;

There’s domestic disputes; bomb threats; narcotics;

Lost children; knife fights in bars.


When we get a “hot call”, and it makes the late news,

And our friends see us on their TV,

We say of the story, “Yeah. I was there…

But that ain’t how it happened to me!”


We ask for no thanks, and we get none;

Satisfaction is all we can cadge

When “Deputy Sheriff – Los Angeles County”

Are the words that are writ on The Badge.




Sergeant Daryol Forinash, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (ret.) enjoyed a 32 year career in law enforcement. His contact information is available through the editor.

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