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Welcome to your one-stop portal for law enforcement and police training.  The navigation links above take you to a myriad of valuable, free and official resources for your law enforcement, police and education training needs.

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Highlighted Training Program – NOAA Officer for Law Enforcement


Criminal Investigator Training Program

An in-depth study of basic law enforcement concepts and techniques, the curriculum is frequently revised to stay abreast of the changing needs of the participating organizations. New agents are provided the specific information and skills training necessary to equip them for actual job performance in law enforcement and investigation. Among the subject areas presented are Human Behavior, Modern Investigative Technology, Cultural Sensitivity, Law and Skills Training in Firearms, Physical Techniques and Driving.


Natural Resources Police Training

Federal land management organizations whose officers perform law enforcement related duties in urban, rural or isolated areas are the participants in this program. Agencies include the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Tennessee Valley Authority, National Marine Fisheries Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Lectures, laboratory techniques, and practical exercises are oriented toward protection in a natural resources environment. Included are such subjects as Behavioral Science, Officer Safety and Survival, constitutional Law, Civil Rights, and other basic law enforcement subjects. Personnel attending this program are employed primarily as cultural and natural resources protectors engaged in professional law enforcement activities and management.


Marine Law Enforcement Training Program

The Marine Law Enforcement Training Program provides basic marine law enforcement training for employees of those agencies and organizations involved in the specialized areas of marine regulation and law enforcement. The major emphasis of this comprehensive training program is on the safe and proper operation of marine patrol vessels, with specific training in law enforcement operations.


Advanced Marine Law Enforcement Training Program

The Advanced Marine Law Enforcement Training Program was developed to meet the identified need for additional specialized training in the operation of fast interceptor and large patrol vessels. This program includes advanced instruction on the use of electronic navigation equipment such as RADAR, GPS, DGPS and chart plotters which are installed on these vessels. Through classroom instruction and "hand-on" training in simulated practical exercises, the students are introduced to the operation, tactics and management for the successful use of these vessels.


Advanced Marine Law Enforcement Training Program

Coordination of marine operations planning, including interagency cooperation and use of air support, is stressed. This program places great emphasis in "hands-on" underway exercises and minimizes classroom time as much as possible.


NOAA-Office for Law Enforcement Basic Training Program

This program provides the newly graduated enforcement officer and special agent with the skills and knowledge needed to perform his or her duties within the scope and authority of the U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA and National Marine Fisheries Service. Special emphasis is placed upon laws, regulations, policies and procedures of NOAA and the National Marine Fisheries Service.


Field Training Officer Program

The program is designed to identify and develop standardized evaluation guidelines for job performance and uniform standards for practical on-the-job assessments of newly graduated officers and agents.

Featured International Police Training and Law Enforcement Training:


Centrex is the name of the Central Police Training and Development Authority in the United Kingdom.  Their mission is to help “develop policing by identifying good practice and sharing this knowledge nationally and internationally.”  According to their police and law enforcement training website, they “aim to respond directly to the needs and demands of the police services of England and Wales to help develop policing. We do this through the provision of training and expert advice, from written guidelines to analytical and operational support in the field.”


Visit their website at:

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